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. >> the news is supposed to be boring, run. -- ron, it's serious stuff. >> i just don't know why we have to tell the people what they need to hear. why can't we just tell them what they want to hear. >> nine years ago the world was introduced to one of its most beloved newmen. he was a well dressed jazz musician with an incredible head of hair, hi name was ron burgundy. ron burgeony and his new team are back in a new movie called anchorman 2, the lenl end stands,-- continues it, here is the trailer. >> in the 7 days they were an-- 70s they were an ali shall shall elite unit, brick, brian and ron, they rose like the phoenix and then they were gone. the legend became the new whisper, told by the trees. until now. >> we're starting a 24 hour news channel and we want you. >> i'm going dot thing that god put ron burgundy on this earth to do. >> have salon quality hair and read the news. >> this feels right. the news team is back. >> welcome to the 80s, baby. >> is that your foot between my legs. >> no. >> oh. >> it was my hand. >> your hair looks like white popcorn. >> i leak the parts of you
and forgiveness. she lost her faith but not her love. >>> ron burgundy, how sometimes lines are blurred. >> i'd say lighten up. there's a whole revolution happening in television news that's reflected in this exhibit. >> an good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm joie chen. >>> there can be no more intimidating isolating environment than the walls of our prison system. especially for those whose disabilities make any communication challenging. even the untold stories of the imprisoned, years have developed contacts behind bars and in the hearing impaired community to bring this important story out. tonight we begin with the second part of this exclusive in-depth look at the challenges of the deaf and disabled in prison with the look at the fair treatment guaranteed to inmates with physical and mental impairments, and examine why the prison system so rarely delivers on those guarantees. >> when individuals come in who have disabilities, these systems aren't prepared to handle them. they don't have the type of clinically support they need. environments. if you are disabled, these institutions
gay, lesbian and marriage with ron swish er, stay with us. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. >> we're talking with ron swisher, usual host in fairfield. he's running down the big stories for us at the end of '13. mandela was one, the new pope and got into this, sticky with gay marriage and rights and how it impacts the various denominations. the united methodist church, as an example, what's the stance and the repercussions? >> the stance is for years, in our popular conference, colorado and nevada, we performed blessings of gay couples and ten or 12 years ago, they said we cannot even do that. some people said no for 25 and 30 years, supported gay and le
on their own which parts of the church are actually tax exempt. they even made our ron hubbard's novels scriptures those are also tax the m. it was such a thoroughgoing that very. it's hard to even imagine. bear in mind, the irs is not the best equipped agency. but they are the only agency that has that authority. once the irs made that finding, the vast protections of the first amendment guarantees a religion that surrounded the church of scientology p. and protects the for many of the legal recourse is that they would ordinarily turn to you. >> one more question and then we will see what questions you all have. i'm going to ask a question that's on the minds of some people here. this book is not a flattering portrayal of scientology or l. ron hubbard. he is revered within the church. so, after the publication of this book, how is it bad for you? >> well, you know, you've been through the same thing. a lot of legal threat. but you know, no actual follow-up on that. they did publish one of their freedom magazine. "the new yorker" came on some anniversary issue. every year around valenti
. >>> our ron claiborne has covered nelson mandela extensively throughout the years. >> ron has had many experiences and memories. and is here with a personal take on the story. >> good morning to you, dan. when you cover a story or a person, it requires professional detachment. we're supposed to stand back, observe and report. with nelson mandela, it was always difficult for me personally because something kept getting in the way. the fact that i admired the man deeply. the first time i saw nelson mandela was at yankee stadium in 1990, six months after he had been released from prison. i was in awe, probably we all were. but then he did something that charmed all of us. >> you now know who i am. i am a yankee. >> reporter: as a college student, i had read about this man serving a life sentence for fighting against apartheid. i was fired up by the slogan, free mandela. years later, at abc, i traveled to south africa to his birthplace and qunu, where he grew up as a small child. and where he will be buried alongside his parents. and earlier this year, i spent weeks in pretoria, outside hi
, and a famously steady family guy, out in hollywood. ten years ago, he created ron burgundy, the pompous news man, who is once again going to get laughs at the expense of those of us who work on tv. >> i look good. i mean really good. i'm ron burgundy. >> he's become a kind of national belly laugh, ron burgundy. a tv anchor puffed up on self importance and hair spray. of course you know what i'm thinking first, which is, is my hair all right? >> your hair looks wonderful. yeah, ron would want to run his fingers through your hair and smell it. >> what's the question ron burgundy most wants to ask ron burgundy? >> he would just say, ron, how do you do it? look at you. how do you do it? and he would just stare open mouthed. >> and in the world of comedy, will ferrell is an impossibility, kind, very tall, he says in high school, the only way he could get a girl's attention and sympathy was to be funny. he created a site gag. >> a lot of this. >> his colleague tina fey says something about ferrell is just so american. >> it's not that i don't get angry. i mean, you should have seen me five minutes bef
not be -- we got people to talk about that stuff. ron reagan is a contributor and nia-malika henderson. she's with the "washington post" and i miss her dearly. haven't seen you in a while. you don't have the advantage of sitting across from me, ron. but this question -- >> i know. but i have to play ignorance because i don't watch everything on television. i watch the good wife and homeland and stuff like that. but i've been educated. it is a huge cultural event. this guy's a major figure in our culture. maybe sub culture but it's a huge sub-culture. it's country people. what do you make of the whole thing? the combination of his importance, the people like him, they root for him. they're still rooting for him, especially the right which has jumped here to exploit this fight. ron? >> oh, i'm sorry. i thought you were talking to nia. listen. there's a lot of hypocrisy going around throughout this. the right wing is all exorcised because this guy is having his free speech rights interrupted by a&e that don't want to associate themselves. with the remarks that he made about gay people and blac
, orrin hatch and ron johnson of wisconsin. there's an extra one, just before coming on air. so what does this mean? it means it looks like they are going to get this procedural vote. it might be a squeaker but the way i'm told this might go down from republican and democratic sources is that the flood gates might open once you see the votes coming down. >> so why is the dynamic apparently a bit different in the senate? usually the senate is more moderate than the house of representatives, which is republican majority, democratic majority in the senate. >> it's like congressional bizarro world. it really is. for years, since 2010, it's been -- the narrative has been the senate votes in a bipartisan way and it gets stopped in its tracks in the house. the opposite now -- >> explaining that to viewers all year. >> exactly. it's the opposite now for several reasons, one of which is what tom foreman just reported on. this military pension issue sort of snuck up on some republicans and the lobbying effort by the groups that support them were caught flat-footed. now they're getting their mojo on
womanizing and somehow totally lovable character, ron burgundy is a cult icon. it was fan pressure and farrell's own enthusiasm that got paramount to bring the now a list cast back for more. abc's nick watt got a look at the sequel behind the scenes. >> i'll take the job. and i swear i will be number one again. >> ron burgundy is back, older, definitely not wiser. >> quickness. huh? ♪ if you like >> he is back by public demand. that is going to make one hell of a story. >> reporter: in a movie that glorifies the long quality hair and belittles my profession. >> wow, right on the lens. >> reporter: i don't really have anything else to say to you people. >> come on. come on. >> what did we do? >> i feel look i need a new job. >> our movie dismantled the way you look at your profession? you should go in the peace corps maybe. >> reporter: it is mocking. >> i have seen. you were offended. >> then we have done our job, very, very pleased. >> i don't have any legs, ron. >> reporter: it is 1980, burgundy, armed with news instinct all. trying to figure out how to make the news less borin
- >> in this congress, will we have big tax reform? >> on trade and taxes, i would also make the obvious point that ron wyden is the likely successor as chairman of that committee. i spoke to ron about this today, in fact. he is very interested in the trade agenda, always has been. he believes in trade, he thinks we ought to knock down barriers to trade. i worked with him when i was u.s. trade representative. and on tax reform, you know, ron's been very aggressive on that. in fact, he has his own tax reform proposal that lowers the rate and broadens the base. >> but you don't think you can get it done in this congress, though, do you? >> well, not this year, certainly, but next year, i think if dave camp and ron wyden join forces, as he and max baucus were starting to do, i think it can still happen. i think it is unlikely to happen right after the first of the year, which is what some of us thought might be the timeframe. >> right. >> i think the house has to report out a bill first, and probably that doesn't happen until the springtime, and then i think the senate under ron wyden's leadership with th
to talk to dod transfer. viacom paramount pictures has a picture of this month and we get ron burgundy. >> how are you? >> black. >> black. lack. job.ian lost his >> welcome back. it is time for hot shots. we have a few nice things to show you from around the world. pretty cool pictures. >> the busted out the best move for the cut savoring what -- world finals. they beat out the two-time world champion. he got his first ever win. the east asian game began with a bang in myanmar. it included technical almonds. -- elements. oh yeah. >> some people cannot be happy with one guinness world record. a german daredevil aim for two. first, he got a record and then he got the record for the most arts caught in a hand. how did he think of this? >> i think it is interesting. the fact that he and artie drank them. >> that is the way you do the darts. you have to drink another champagne. >> moving on? >> yes. yes. >> there is no way to follow that. in terms of equity, markets have declines. they have not seen a movement in equities. months -- close in two- in two months. there is only one word, i wi
have new video just released showing brazen thievery by baggage handlers. >>> and you know him as ron burgundy. now, will ferrell is keeping it classy here, live. he says he will be. he will be live in person. and wait until you see who he's brought with him. are you ready for this? we hope he is ready. >> that's a tease. >> let's see if he's ready for us. >> indeed. >>> let's get right to the big drawing tonight. a few magic hours left when we all daydream -- there's the countdown clock right there, on what that winning lottery ticket could mean. >> so nice to think about. there you see a rolls-royce, coupe right in front of our studio. if you were to win, you could customize it with a humidor, or a jewelry drawer in the glove box. and santa is here. by our own lottery machine, in the studio. >>> and santa is here. santa, i know, there's a lot to laugh about. and linsey davis is here to give us the details on lottery fever. >> the prospects make you feel all warm and fuzzy. >>> but let's not forget it's better to give than to receive. let's say the person who is given the mega millio
and much on that's coming up later this morning on "this week." right here on abc. >>> let's turn to ron claiborne with the morning's other top stories. >> hello, bianna golodryga and dan harris. >>> that deadly helicopter crash in scotland, rescue crews are combing through a pub searching for survivors. the roof of the crowded glasgow pub collapsed. >>> new details are emerging from that plane crash in a remote area of alaska, a mother, a passenger on that plane made a desperate cell phone car for help her baby was injured, she walked a mile in snow to lead authorities to the site of the crash. >>> and overnight a tremendous explosion destroyed a home in grandview, texas, authorities are at the scene and still investigating what caused the explosion. witnesses across the dallas/ft. worth said it felt like an earthquake and sounded like a bomb. no word if there are any injuries. >>> on the heel of black friday, shoppers took their local mom and pop shops to celebrate small business saturday. the first family out doing a little holiday shopping of their own at a local bookstore. >> what d
campbell to talk, anchoring as ron burgundy a disney movie marketing tool. >> in washington dc, finding some snow. so far.ld >> snow falling out west and a lot of it. we will show you who's getting the >> a truck hauling dangerous idea lacked if material is missing radio -- is missing. police say was taken by two armed robbers on monday near mexico city. but sit -- the material known as cobol 60 is a radioactive element used for medical or buses, but it can be used to make a dirty bomb. investigators are looking to track down the suspect who may be unaware of the radioactive cargo they stole. calm.ditions are mild and they are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures, dealing with record raking temperatures and snow. >> only four days into december and weeks from the official start of winter, and an arctic blast has taken a brutal hold on a large swath of the country. >> it is terrible. in the midwestes and south are experiencing a 30 to 50 degree temperature drop and only 24 hours. nearly two dozen states are underwent her advisories were warnings. >> i'm hope thing -- i'm hoping
." right here on abc. >>> let's turn to ron claiborne with the morning's other top stories. hey, ron. >> hello, bianna golodryga and dan harris. good morning, everyone. >>> we begin with the latest from that deadly helicopter crash in scotland, rescue crews are searching through the wreckage of a pub that the chopper hit, looking for possible survivors. 8 people are confirmed dead. 14 others in serious condition. police are working to recover the remains of the victims. they're hoping survivors may still be found. the roof of the crowded glasgow pub collapsed friday evening when the police helicopter crashed into it. >>> and new details are emerging from that plane crash in a alaska. 25-year-old mother, a passenger on that plane made a desperate cell phone car for help that her baby was injured, she walked a mile in the snow to the nearest village to lead authorities to the site of the crash. that killed four of the plane's ten passengers, including her child. >>> now that to deadly breaking news. abc news has confirmed four people are dead and dozens are injured. they are working to
developing this morning. for that, we turn to ron claiborne. >> wedding bells for same-sex couples in utah. a federal judge struck down utah's same-sex marriage ban, declaring it unconstitutional. legalizing gay unions in that state. seth anderson and his partner were among the first couples to wed on friday. that's the day the judge issued his ruling. the state attorney general's office is requesting an emergency stay to stop the marriages from continuing. >>> and in colorado, a candlelight vigil for the high school student shot by a fellow student last week. claire davis was shot by karl pierson. he was heavily armed when he stormed the school. the target, the school librarian who had disciplined him. >>> and encouraging news about air travel during this busiest travel season of the year. flight delays among major airlines have developed 33%. that's from 2012. it does not include late arrivals by the regional partners of the airlines. those count for about one-quarter of all flights. >>> canada is one step closer to legalizing prostitution. canada's supreme court ruled in a the current a
on fields that could harm them. >> thank you. (calling names) we - ron is this for years. >> ann stash is moving her car. >> it's ron then. carolyn is on here later. ron if you will step up. is this for you >> it's not. >> let's hold back and as soon as i put it on they'll put it on the overhead. >> good morning, commissioners aim ron proctor i want to make a comment or two. first of all, i support the children's bill of rights it's important it's advanced with a clarificati clarification. they have a list of items one of which they climb a tree this tree is gone they can't climb it anymore. the san francisco rec and park department is using popular programs like playgrounds improvements 0 to cover the nap agenda to get away from trees that are non-native. we see things about trees being removed. how xhiventd is that when you see a bill of rights issue. to which the proponent it proposing that kids climb a tree what a wonderful thing that is. my son grew up in san francisco i'd take him up to mount davidson there's p was a tree i'd run a rope to make a swing it was a wonderful plays
's coming up later this morning on "this week." right here on abc. >>> let's turn to ron claiborne with the morning's other top stories. hey, ron. >> hello, bianna golodryga and dan harris. good morning, everyone. >>> we begin with the latest from that deadly helicopter crash in scotland, rescue crews are combing through a pub searching for survivors. police are working to recover the remains of the victims. they're hoping survivors may still be found. the roof of the crowded glasgow pub collapsed. when the police helicopter crashed into it. >>> and new details are emerging from that plane crash in a 25-year-old mother, a passenger on that plane made a desperate cell phone car for help that her baby was injured, she walked a mile in snow to lead authorities to the site of the crash. that killed four of the plane's ten passengers, including her child. >>> and overnight, a tremendous explosion destroyed a home in grandview, texas, leaving little behind but debris. authorities are at the scene and still investigating what caused the explosion. witnesses across the dallas/ft. worth sai
do not change the channel when ron burgundy comes on. my sit-down with will farrell still to come. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. unlike the bargain brand, depend gives you new fit-flex®, our best protection. it's a smooth and comfortable fit with more lycra strands. get your free sample at depend.com. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. >>> welcome back to "the lead." in world news, the arrest of one woman in new york as an entire country ticked off with the u.s. the indian diplomat was taken into custody and strip searched because the feds say she submitted false document to get a work visa for
with the runway show. and ron burgundy will take to the anchor desk in one week. we have a look at the business of burgundy and just how successful the classic has become. first, to the lead. photo sharing app instagram is launching its first private messaging tool. the new tool is called instagram direct and it was announced by the ceo at an event in new york today. it will allow people to send photos and videos to rex late to as many as 15 friends, who can then comment on them. people you follow consent things directly to you. photos from strangers will end up in the pending queue. is this a game changer? will appeal away users from snap chat and twitter? jon erlichman is in l.a. with more. take on instagram? announcement be an , but this is very much a facebook story. i think of facebook as a battleship. it could choose to focus its attention on any number of products. it is focused on messaging. we have seen this explosion of messaging apps. that is being fueled by the fact that people do not want to pay those high fees that you pay when you text a lot. facebook is in some ways playing catc
is called a rater trying to discourse cash. i'm ron burgundy and i will read anything in the teleprompter. it seems the anchorman has been everywhere, lately. blitz the viral marketing , a new business of buzz. breaking news and a new name emerging in the microsoft ceo search, the board considering ollenkopf.eo steve mellon coug we don't know yet, but one candidate who may be fading is forbes ceo mullaly. about his concerns lack of technology experience. they want a new ceo, ideally, for the end of the year. tom giles, good to see you on the east coast. >> it is like bloomberg east here. >> this is a big deal. they are busting the phones to find out what they heard, tell us about it. >> it turns out we found the name of the person, he is the coo of qualcomm. a well regarded company and has done well in terms of the stock price and growth. they are a leader in wireless technology, specifically the chips that a lot of phones you and i use. microsoft has had an area of weakness, and that is where it can be brought. >> it is a really different focus for the company. someone who can fix the co
senator ron johnson, a tea partier from wisconsin is warning his party. he told "the new york times" that the affordable care act is, quote, no longer just a piece of paper you can repeal and it goes away. there's something there. we have to recognize that reality. before today, it was far easier for the far right to use the battle cry of repeal to drown out the fact that they didn't have any vision to replace it. but now they're faced with actually having to come up with some real ideas. and that's a daunting task. especially for a party in the midst of a civil war. why do you think they've avoided the issue all this time? as warren buffett is fond of saying, you never know who's swimming naked until the tide goes out. so now they face an internal battle. how to position itself via message, argument and tactics for the most important issue in 2014. health care. rick tyler is a republican strategist. jonathan allen is politico's white house bureau chief. rick, if i were to come to you as a progs prospective republican candidate, now that the affordable care act has been put into eff
need and the white house says we'll never be satisfied. later how ron burgundy blanketed the air waves and how a courtroom decision in new york that happened this week that could impact the future of journalism. let's get started. it's time for "reliable sources." thanks for joining us today. i'm brian stelter. i know i wasn't the only person stunned when this story came out thursday, robert levinson went missing in iran nearly seven years ago. the american government always said he went there on a private business trip but that was not true. he was a contractor for the cia. rogue group within the agency sent him there on an unauthorized mission. reporters found this out yearning, the associated press, "the washington post," the "new york times," abc news. the government urged them not to reveal what they knew. for years everyone agreed but this week the associated press and "the washington post" decided to go with the bombshell story. >> stunning disclosures about an american who disappeared seven years ago. >> robert levinson a retired fbi agent. >> the secret and unauthorized cia mi
would ron burgundy ask ben bernanke? that's what we're asking here today. if you want to join us here on the conversation, e-mail us, worldwide@cnbc.com, tweet us @cnbcwex or direct to me @rosswestgate. jan, finally got a name. jan. is there any other currencies besides the dollar? >> well, very far away from here, ron. we have the australian and new zealand economies. we think we see some interesting opportunity into next year. looking at the australian dollar versus the new zealand dollar, we think it has gained a lot of ground. i wouldn't be surprised if it's moving closer towards the buck there. that's one for you, ron. and that's something to watch next year. the key element here is that the new zealand central bank is going to move quicker than the rba. >> okay. i've got no idea what you just said. do you get paid for this? >> yes, some people think even way too much, ron. >> okay. i've had enough. okay. that's -- okay. i've had enough. that's okay. okay. whatever your name is, yeah, thank you. thank you. >> welcome, ron. >> all right. more of that nonsense coming up a little bi
for the folks down there. >>> we want to turn to ron with the other stories this morning. >> hi, there. good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. well, we begin with a frightening turn of events in a christmas parade event in virginia where a float suddenly went up into flames. tai hernandez has more. >> reporter: festive cheer took a scary turn at a virginia beach holiday parade when one of the last floats of the event became engulfed in flames. aubrey phillips caught it on his cell phone. >> next thing we know, one of the floats burst into flames. >> reporter: the fire shot up 15 feet into the air, according to witnesses. spectators were sent scrambling on the sidelines, fleeing from the fire ball. volunteer firefighters who happened to be marching in front of the flaming float got to work quickly. they had trouble at first putting it out. >> it was pretty intense. they had fire extinguishers. they couldn't put it out with the fire extinguishers. they actually had to use the hose from a fire truck to put it out. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was harmed. the incident w
and widely hyped movies of the season. the film chronicles the misadventures of tv anchor ron burgundy. it was nine years in the making. while filming in atlanta, we caught up with burgundy and news team 6, we should add to get the inside scoop. roll it. >> the great ones always return. jesus, mcarthur, jay-z. >> we haven't seen you in awhile, america. you haven't changed a bit. my name is will ferrell and i'm playing the character of ron burgun burgundy. the movie is now set in 1980. we pick up with ron and his crew all over the place doing various things. >> let's do it. >> he's running his whammy chicken franchises. >> oh, god, i have longed for you. frank is the world east most foremost photographer. and then we attend bricks funeral. >> i will not rest until i find his killer. >> which, of course we find out he's not dead. >> why? why did you take him from us? >> you are not dead. >> i'm alive? >> yes. >> ron collects the team and they go back to new york city to begin the launch of gnn. we are starting a 24-hour news channel. first of its kind, gnn. >> that is without a doubt, th
cake, federal reserve turns 100 years old today, ron paul is not celebrating, he is trashing the party, he wants the fed to crash and burn, he is fired up, he is next. plan plan just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp. ifound out thdoctor we need was at st. anne's. wiggle yo toes. driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from les away. it even pulled strings withhe stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and adiums. t, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer today cisco is connecting the internet of erything. so everything works like never before. [ male announcer ] if we could see energy... whawould we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us. ♪ we'd see thatlmost 100% of medical plasts are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ anan industry that supports almt 10 miion americobs. life takes energy. and no opplies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently an exxonm
: break out birthday cake, federal reserve turns 100 years old today, ron paul is not celebrating, he trashing the party, he wantshe fed to crash and burn, he is fired up, he is next. next. plan ale announcer ] e new new york is open. open to innovation. en to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes or ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at startup-ny.com. charles: ron paul was fired up then with the fed, he is not wishing them a happy 100 birthday. 100 year ago president wilson signed the act that created federal reserve, ron paul, he wants to kill the fed before it can turn 101. congressman paul,lways a pleasure having you on. have a first central bank kill off after 20 years, i second central bank, killed off ter 20 years, why has this beast been allowed to grow foron00 years? >> i think that people are too complacent. the management ha
as well. >> ron, i'm just hearing that inside the courtroom the judge has said that the city is eligible for bankruptcy. and some of the statements that have been coming out of the court that we've been getting here at my desk is saying that the city has been -- was insolvent, has been insolvent, but it is going to be protected through this chapter 9. just to remind everybody, detroit in 1950 was the fifth largest city in the country at that time, 1.8 million people living there. obviously the automotive boom that was detroit, the ripple effect that's been felt and the issues of our country now leaves detroit with only 700,000 people living there. the response time for police, 58 minutes. while it's good news for the city of detroit, it's not good news at the same time. >> reporter: right, exactly. insofar as this clearly cuts a path towards renegotiating public pensions, various obligations that the city has. they're $18 billion in debt. and so one has to assume that they're going to try to renegotiate that debt with far more favorable terms to the detriment of bondholders. motor city,
, i next guest says the fed, ecb, and boj will lower the rates. >> the news team is back. ron burgundy and his anchorman 2 crew have been doing allover america to create does for the film's sequel. keep it here. ♪ >> time for today's company news. montclair has priced the ipo at the top of the range. the value of orders from institutional investors exceeded 20 billion euros. shares will be priced at 10 euro $.20 apiece. microsoft said sales of the new xbox one console reached more than 2 million in its first 18 days on the market. they're trying to keep up with sony playstation 4. recently, they sold 2.1 million since they went on sale. will join the s&p 500 next week replacing teradyne at the close of trading december 20. they will also join the s&p 100. facebook shares climbed nearly 5% following the news. welcome back to "countdown. . am anna edwards dovish for guest is the fed, ecb, and boj. the head of fixed research for hsbc, good morning. will the big three succeed in persuading markets and interest rates will stay lower longer? the way we've come up with a title for the turtl
in boston named after ron burgundy. stay classy, san diego. the selling of "anchorman 2 was anchorman 2 is-- next. ♪ x bloomberg entertainment news, 12 years is lave and "american hustle" led the golden globes nominations. amc is preparing an ipo. hollywood'socus on latest efforts to get you to buy tickets and the new models for making money in the movie business. an example of this new recipe for success, you may have noticed ron argan the has been everywhere lately. -- burgundy has been everywhere lately. grobart week's sam looks at whether the old campaign is working -- bold campaign is working. >> a movie that came out nine years ago and earned a respectable, but not extraordinary $95 million, is about to spawn a sequel that could be the comedy hit of the holidays even. >> that is without a doubt the dumbest thing i have ever heard. "anchorman" was wicked funny and became a classic. >> i dig it. >> i don't know if this movie is any good because i haven't seen it yet, but it is a marketing juggernaut. it has been a year and a half since the movie was announced and there's been a museu
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